Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Allred

Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Allred

Sarah Allred has volunteered for two trips with Neonatal Rescue and has spent countless hours to advance our training program.

Photo by Rebecca Olds. Sarah Allred places the first baby on a ventilator at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. June 2022.

Sarah Allred recently graduated from Weber State University with her graduate degree in Respiratory Therapy and an emphasis in education. She works at two hospitals along the Wasatch Front, namely Ogden Regional Medical Center and Brigham City Community Hospital as a respiratory therapist. 

Sarah has been a big asset as she has traveled and trained in Zambia with our team.

Overall she has volunteered for two trips to Zambia with Neonatal Rescue and has spent countless hours behind the scenes working on projects to advance our training program. 

During her most recent trip, Sarah helped co-teach over 97 healthcare professionals.

“I was impressed by the knowledge and the level of involvement from the doctors, nurses, and midwives,” said Sarah. “At one facility, the doctors expressed their excitement that with the new ventilators, they would now be able to open a NICU.” 

While in Zambia, she was the first person to successfully place a baby on the Neolife ventilator and also coached a doctor to do the same on a second baby within an hour. 

During the first week of having two Neolife machines in the NICU, four babies were successfully weaned and three of them were discharged. 

We love stories like Sarah’s and seeing people experience first-hand the impact they are making.