Training & Education

Training & Education

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Education and Training Opportunities

In developing countries, highly trained health professionals are in short supply. Not only is it critical to provide access to modern medical equipment, it is essential that training is provided to the limited doctors and technicians as well as the more common health care worker which is found more often in rural settings.

Our equipment and training are designed to address all skill levels of healthcare providers to ensure proper and effective usage of equipment wherever it is being used, whether in an urban hospital or rural health clinic.

In-Person Training

Where it is possible, our team will travel to in-country locations to provide multi-day training to local health care workers.

We typically partner with health ministries and NGOs to centralize the training bringing in workers from urban and rural areas where possible. We also provide “Train-the-trainer” curricula so proper use of the technology and general care procedures can expand to other healthcare workers throughout the country after we’ve left.

Virtual and On-Demand Training

Where it is not possible for us to train in-person, or as an ongoing resource for healthcare workers, we provide live virtual training sessions, recorded videos, and manuals.

Training can be conducted in English and French, however, most groups provide their own interpreters for their region.