Let's Reduce Infant Mortality in Cambodia

Let's Reduce Infant Mortality in Cambodia

The Cambodia Crisis

Imagine you are a mother who has just given birth to your beautiful baby but your child is not breathing on its own. Unfortunately, the health clinic you’re at doesn’t have functioning equipment to help your baby, nor are any of the staff trained to deal with these problems.

Every year almost 2,600 newborns die in Cambodia from respiratory problems and 95% of these deaths are preventable with simple ventilators and respiratory therapy training.

At Neonatal Rescue, we’ve developed fit-for-purpose ventilators and respiratory training, designed specifically for healthcare workers and facilities in low-resource countries.

In 2018 and 2019 Neonatal Rescue ran a successful pilot project in Cambodia providing neonatal respiratory machines and training to doctors, nurses, and assistants . The pilot program saved over 100 newborns in 1 year.

We’re Expanding the Program

For phase 2 we will be working with 11 clinics. Each clinic will be provided 2 NeoLife Ventilators and training for their staff.

Help us prevent unnecessary newborn deaths in Cambodia