The Good Samaritan

We have a wide range of projects and efforts underway to help the people of Africa

Madagascar only has 34* working ventilators, despite having a population of over 28 million people. 

To combat this astonishing problem, we have partnered with the NGO, Speedy Tuk Tuk. This NGO connected us with Father Thomas, a father of a Catholic Parish. 

We learned that Father Thomas is building a free health clinic for the local community, known as Le Bon Samaritan, meaning The Good Samaritan. The clinic, located in Toamasina, is in desperate need of ventilators. To get involved we held our annual Charity Dinner in their honor to raise money to send two adult ventilators to the clinic. 

The Charity Dinner was a huge success and we were able to use the money provided by our generous donors to send the two needed ventilators and accompanying training to Father Thomas. This equipment will provide the clinic with the potential to save hundreds of lives.

We are proud to have been able to help with The Good Samaritan Health Clinic and are anxious to further our work in getting more ventilators into Madagascar.

* As of May 2020