COVID-19 Relief Efforts

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

We’ve been busy making a difference during the global pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit our lead development engineer, Rob Brown, was living in China. As lockdowns began there he decided it would be best to come home to the US.  He booked the next flight back, not knowing what would happen next and expecting to be back in China within a month, but COVID-19 soon arrived in the US as well. 

One night he and his father got to talking about how they could use their medical device knowledge and resources during the crisis. Rob decided he could use his knowledge of ventilators from his work with Neonatal Rescue to design and develop an adult COVID-19 unit.

As experts in respiratory care, Neonatal Rescue was in a unique position when Covid hit to be able to help, due to the Neolife Ventilator we were able to submit an EUA (emergency use application) quickly through the FDA. Our team of engineers, doctors, respiratory therapists, and others worked tirelessly to take the concepts of our newborn ventilator and create a ventilator suitable to treat adult patients suffering from respiratory problems due to COVID-19. What we thought would be a simple modification turned into a full-fledged development of a new ventilator. 

So far we have delivered 75 AdultLife ventilators across Uganda, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. We are currently providing online training, and are excited to provide in-person training once the travel restrictions are lifted.

We are so thankful to be in a position where we can provide those suffering from this unprecedented disease with our life-saving ventilators.