AdultLife Ventilator - An affordable ventilator and CPAP for adults & children

AdultLife Ventilator - An affordable ventilator and CPAP for adults & children


The AdultLife ventilator has been granted FDA Emergency Use Authorization in June of 2020. It can be used in the treatment of:

The Technology

The AdultLife Ventilator provides both CPAP and pressure control ventilation to offer breathing support and treatment to patients with a range of medical conditions, including apnea, asphyxia, infection, pneumonia, and trauma.

CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, forces air into the patient’s lungs to keep the lungs open and lessen efforts required to breathe. Pressure control ventilation offers complete machine breathing for the patient through an endotracheal tube inserted into the airway. These technologies are standard use for infants and adults in advanced hospitals throughout the world. The AdultLife Ventilator mimics the core functions of its high-end counterparts and does so at a fraction of the cost and with minimal room for user error.


Several features of the device make it ideal for use in challenging environments. Its durability and portability allow it to be easily transferred between health clinics, hospitals, or temporary treatment areas. The standalone ventilator can function with or without an external power supply and/or oxygen source, employing a rechargeable backup battery and internal pump when necessary. To prevent user error, the AdultLife Ventilator was designed with a simple user interface, easy connections, as well as clear step-by-step instructions.

Low Cost

A simple, modular design that removes the complexity and cost of modern ventilators while retaining the same quality.


Units are light-weight (18kg) and can be easily transported (and run on batteries while in transport).

Easy to Use

No complicated user interfaces, all core functions are controlled by adjustable knobs and easy to read gauges.

Internal Pump

Can run on hospital air or independently (which can be common in rural and resource poor settings).

High-Quality & Durable

Manufactured in the USA at an FDA-approved facility using a simple, robust, and modular construction, designed to operate in the most challenging environments.

Training & Support

Ongoing initial training and support for use of the products and applicable Respiratory Therapy.

Battery & Solar Backup

Lithium-ion battery can power the ventilator for 2 hours of continuous use. Rechargeable via solar panel or external power source.

Easy to Maintain

Units are designed with simplicity allowing them to be inexpensively serviced from local technicians.