Our Products

Our neonatal and adult ventilator/CPAP solutions are designed specifically for developing countries where cost, simplicity, and energy flexibility are key. Our team has lived and worked in these markets for over a decade and brings this on-the-ground experience to our development process.

NeoLife Ventilator

759,000 newborns die every year from Respiratory Distress mostly in developing countries. {source}

The Neolife is a simple, low-cost ventilator and CPAP developed specifically for healthcare poor environments to eliminate these deaths.

AdultLife Ventilator

There are less than 10,000 working ventilators across developing Africa serving almost 1 billion people. In just the United States there are 170,000 ventilators

The Adultlife ventilator is a simple, low-cost, but highly effective solution designed specifically for healthcare-poor environments to alleviate this problem.

RDS patient Survival in low Resource setting

95% of people with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) can be saved by mechanical ventilation