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ZAMBIA USA Population:Hospitals:Ventilators:Newborn Mortality Rate per 1000 Births: 18,000,0006610023 330,000,0006146200,0004 The Problem – High Infant Mortality from Under-resourced hospitals Zambia is a beautiful country located

Covid-19 Relief Efforts

When COVID-19 hit our lead development engineer, Rob Brown, was living in China. As lockdowns began there he decided it would be best to come

AdultLife FDA Approval

Recent BYU-Graduates Receive FDA Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 Ventilator For immediate release, 6/22/20 Within weeks of hearing of projected ventilator shortages in the United


Madagascar only has 34* working ventilators, despite having a population of over 28 million people.  To combat this astonishing problem, we have partnered with the

Mission Cambodia

Imagine you are a mother who has just given birth to your beautiful baby but your child is not breathing on its own. Unfortunately, the