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In the developing world, almost a quarter of neonatal mortality could be eliminated if healthcare providers had access to ventilators and proper training. Unfortunately, developing countries have extremely low access, due to the cost and availability of the devices and the training to use them.

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PROJECT Madagascar

Explore our journey to increase access to vital medical equipment in Madagascar. We have partnered Father Thomas, a father of a Catholic Parish, to provide ventilators to Madagascar. This powerful work was made possible by the generosity of our donors. 

We continue to work with local organizations, charities, and donors to provide innovative devices and training worldwide. 

PROJECT Cambodia

In 2017, we began our first pilot program and were met with overwhelming success. Since this initial trip, we have returned many times to continuously train and increase access to equipment necessary to save the lives of newborns. 

Read more about our past work and future goals to drastically decrease infant mortality in Cambodia.


In collaboration with World Vision International and the Zambian Ministry of Health, our team visited Lusaka, Zambia in late 2021 to train a group of doctors and healthcare professionals on general and infant respiratory therapy and deliver 20 CPAP/Ventilator machines.

The doctors came from various government hospitals in Lusaka and regions from around the country. They will return with ventilators and training to their districts with enhanced capabilities to treat patients locally in respiratory distress.

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